Panelboards with Smart Metering


An efficient addition to your Lighting Controls and Energy Management Systems. The Benjamin Smart Panel features circuit-level power metering and remote controllable breakers to help you save energy.


  • Power Metering on all branch circuits and mains with local data logging that provides easy identification of areas with high energy use.
  • Available with remote switchable branch breakers which can be controlled through scheduling, events, or local I/O.
  • Access metering data remotely using standard web browsers, no software install or license fees.
  • Industry Standard communication protocols are supported for integration with Building Management Systems.
  • Built to order, customized to your specifications, including retrofit upgrades to existing enclosures.
  • Compliance with ASHRAE 90.1-2013, 8.4.3 Electrical Energy Monitoring requires aggregating loads of HVAC, exterior lighting, interior lighting, and receptacles separately. Existing solutions physically segregate the loads into separate sections and end up taking up more space. With circuit level metering these loads can be aggregated through software regardless of where they’re physically located.


Voltage Ratings120/240V 1Ø 3W208Y/120V 3Ø 4W480Y/277V 3Ø 4W
AIC Ratings65kAIC@240V Fully Rated to 100kAIC Series Rated
14kAIC@480Y/277V Fully Rated to 65kAIC Series Rated
Branch Circuit Breaker Options1 PoleRatings: 15A, 20A, 30A Controlled, 15A to 100A non-controlled
2 PoleRatings: 15A, 20A, 30A Controlled, 15A to 100A non-controlled
3 PoleRatings: 15A to 100A non-controlled
Mains ConfigurationsLugsRatings: 100A, 225A, 400A, and 600A Rated
BreakerRatings: 100A, 225A, 400A, and 600A Rated
Power MeasurementMains Current Accuracy1% of reading from 1% to 100% of nominal rated current
Mains Voltage Accuracy0.5% of reading from 90 to 600 VAC Line to Neutral
Mains Power DataVoltage, Current, Watts, PF, VA, VAR, HZ, WHrs, VAHrs, VARHrs
Branch Current Accuracy1% of reading from 0.15 Amps to 100 Amps
Branch Circuit DataCurrent, Watts, PF, VA, VAR, WattHrs, VAHrs, VARHrs
Data Update Rate1 second for all real-time values
CommunicationsDMX-512, Modbus 485, Modbus TCP/IP, Bacnet IP, Web Server