Digital signage is omnipresent throughout our entire lives today. Whether it is arrival or departure messaging at airports, billboards on streets and highways, scoreboards and message boards employed at sports venues, backdrops for live stage and concert presentations, or spectaculars on our city streets, every sign’s purpose is to enhance the interaction of sharing messages to the viewer or customers.

If any element in the digital array has failed, the viewers’ attention instinctively is attracted to the failed element and the entire purpose for the intended message is lost - resulting in a complete failure of the purpose for the particular digital sign. It might be missing flight information, or the video displaying of you and your child while attending a sporting event, or the advertisement message, or the background ambience creation on a live stage presentation - all resulting in the failure to effectively communicate the message to the viewer.

Benjamin Smart Power panels offer multiple enhancements to the power distribution system that provides significant benefits towards both minimizing these failures as well as proactive response to inevitable hardware breakdowns.

  • Effective AC Power Sequencing to minimize the impacts from startup loads, thereby extending the lifespan of the array elements.
  • Controlled power distribution to cycle power to reduce energy usage and extend the lifespan of the array elements.
  • Smart load monitoring to provide immediate notification when a failed element is detected for response dispatch.
  • Optional embedded surge protection to protect the loads from within the supporting power sources.