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Benjamin Compass Control is a software and hardware platform that provides the grower with complete visibility and control over their entire crop. Within Compass Control, Benjamin Smart Power offers energy monitoring solutions for indoor agricultural growing operations. Over the last 100 years, the science of growing has evolved so much yet the power distribution system remains the same. We will enhance your growing conditions through intelligent power distribution monitoring and controls.

Benjamin Smart Power for the agricultural community was created as an extension to our extensive product line which has been implemented throughout the commercial/industrial lighting control market as well as the entertainment lighting world. Benjamin Smart Power is a pioneer throughout these industries - and now it is available to you!

Benjamin Smart Power utilizes power and energy information to help make better decisions. Power is one of the largest commodities of the growing environment so it just makes sense to implement these details to better optimize this environment.



Power Metering Panel

Monitoring means data and with data you can make better decisions. Our panels create unique visibility into your electrical system that has never been offered before. By monitoring the power use of each branch circuit we can provide granular data of your entire operation. If a bulb blows, we will know; If a fan does not operate, we will know. With our panels monitoring your system you will gain new insights into how well your system operates.

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Growing has become an exact science, but the controls are left in the past. Growing environments where light energy, plant nutrition and the atmospheric conditions are all in check for the optimal conditions. We can provide you state of the art controls for:

  • Comprehensive lighting controls, from grow lights to night lights, including dimming controls.
  • Air flow controls, including Volumetric Air Movement Systems
  • Ventilation controls
  • Irrigation and water flow including misting controls
  • Fertilization and fertigation controls
  • CO2 Optimization
  • VPD Optimization
  • Odor controls

Compass Control

Compass Control provides YOU with the flexibility to optimize your growing conditions. We simply provide you with a platform to access these details. All from a single comprehensive integrated control platform that is leveraging the control of power flow!


Your system has been designed to operate in near-perfect conditions. We understand that things go wrong - lights fail, fans fail, valves fail. Compass Control takes the term "compass", which is a device that looks in all directions, and applies that in combination with unique control algorithms that result in a comprehensive control architecture for the greenhouse/greenroom/grow room environments. What we do is provide you with an ever-vigilant monitor that will keep an eye on your operations 24/7/365 and let you know when and even more importantly - what needs attention. Restoring operations to the near-perfect conditions results in improved efficiency, crop yields, and quality - which is how your system was originally designed to perform. We can keep your system with that "new car" smell for the life of it's operation.

Compass Enterprise

Compass Enterprise enables the interrogation of multiple power monitored and controlled panelboards from a single IP address. You don't have to remember all of the addresses for all of the panels so that management of your enterprise is incredibly simple. The Enterprise hardware and software take care of all the network management and control for you. You get a system graphical overview of YOUR system layout so that it makes the most sense to your operations personnel. We take a highly complex system and make it easy to understand and even easier to respond to issues as they develop (and you know that issues will develop!)

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