Benjamin Smart Switchboard


An effective addition to your Energy Management Systems. The Benjamin Smart Switchboard provides line-side power metering for all breakers.


  • Metering available on Mains and Branch Circuits
  • Power use is logged allowing you to locate high use circuits, monitor changes, and diagnose problems.
  • Use Harmonic Analysis to help diagnose problems.
  • Industry Standard communication protocols are supported for integration with Building Management Systems or use the built in scheduler to control circuits.


Voltage Ratings 120/240V 1Ø 3W 120/240V 1Ø 4W 208Y/120V 3Ø 4W
240V 3Ø 3W 480Y/277V 3Ø 4W 480V 3Ø 3W
AIC Ratings 10kAIC to 200kAIC @240V
14kAIC@480Y/277V to 100kAIC@480V
Power Measurement Mains Current Accuracy 2% of reading from 1% to 10% of nominal rated current
1% of reading from 10% to 100% of nominal rated current
Mains Voltage Accuracy 0.2% of reading from 90-600 VAC Line to Neutral
Mains Power Data Voltage, Current, Hz, W, VA, VAR, PF, WHrs, VAHrs, VARHrs
Branch Current Accuracy 1% of reading from 0.15 Amps to 0.25 Amps
0.5% of reading from 0.25 Amps to 400 Amps
Branch Circuit Data Voltage, Current, W, VA, VAR, PF, WHrs, VAHrs, VARHrs
Harmonic Analysis Fundamental through 40th harmonic: Voltage, Current, Real Power
Data Update Rate 1 second for all real-time values
Mains Configurations Lugs 100 to 3000 Amp
Breaker 100 to 2500 Amp
Branch Circuit Breaker Options 1 Pole 15 Amp to 150 Amp
2 Pole 15 Amp to 600 Amp
3 Pole 15 Amp to 2500 Amp
Communications Modbus 485, Modbus TCP/IP, Bacnet IP, EtherNet/IP